May 16, 2017

Additional Offerings

Customized Courses, Workshops & Professional Stress Management
All SoundBody offerings can be customized to your personal or organizational needs and abilities. To discuss alternatives to current class and workshop offerings contact SoundBody Studio for more information.


Community Workshops

Some examples of Community Workshop offerings provided by SoundBody include:


Professional Development Workshops

  • VoiceWorks for Compassion Burn-Out
  • VoiceWorks for Public Speaking Classes
  • VoiceWorks for Choirs and Singing Ensembles
  • BodyWorks for Massage Therapists
  • BodyWorks for Yoga Instructors


Community Wellness Workshops

  • VoiceWorks for Parkinsons Groups
  • VoiceWorks for Troubled Times
  • Flesh and Bones
  • Vocal Anatomy


Adult Education Workshops

  • Bones, Space and Time (for Camosun College Visual Arts Students)
  • Flesh & Bones: Sensing Anatomy (for Studio Fitness Students)